Two week mark!!

11/02/2013 20:51

Well we got through two weeks. It has been going well, but still concerned about Sadie's tiredness. Its so frustrating to see her like this, but right now we don't know what is cold and what is diet. Sadie and the baby are both filled with such a bad cold that we know this has to be impacting her energy levels. We got the flavorings delivered today, and that's really going to make her cream tasty! We haven't been doing a lot of meal changes only because with her not well, we wanted to keep her meals sure things she would eat and that way we can keep her ketones up while having to give her cold medicine. So far so good with that, her levels still staying quite high. Righ now we are going to really try and get both girls healthy again so that we can really see how the diet is impacting her energy.