Subject: Sadie By: Cheryl Bourque Date: 26/09/2015

This is awesome Blair and Lori,and I am so glad that Sadie is doing so well now!!!xoxo

Subject: Sweet Girl By: Gramma Date: 26/09/2015

So proud of our sweet girl. So happy she is having the chance to be an active and happy little girl ! Love her and her sister so much. Xoxo

Subject: Our beautiful granddaughter Sadie Karen Rhyno By: Grampie and Grammie Rhyno Betts Date: 26/09/2015

Its been two years since you had a seizure and we are so thankful. Sadie ,you have started school this year ( Sept 2015) and mommy and daddy told us you are doing really good and you get up every morning like a big girl and go to school.
We love you so much, and we are so proud of you. We are also so happy that you have your little sister Emilia because she loves you so much too. Sadie you are such a lucky little girl because you have parents who love you to the moon and back.
Sadie you are our little angel
Love Grammie and Grampie
love Grammie and grampie

Subject: Congrats By: Leslie Myers Date: 09/04/2013

Lori I have been reading your blogs and I am so happy that Sadie is doing much better. You are a wonderful mom and I hope things continue to get better. All the best to you and your family.

Your cousin,

Subject: Sadie By: grammie and grampie Date: 04/04/2013

oh Sadie, just read your blog that your mom wrote, we are so happy to hear you are doing better.I used my computer every day and soon as i turn it on, i have the pict.of you looking at your book at school, even though we do not see you and your sister a lot always remember that we love you very much and like mommy said family is important and there is not a day that you are not on our minds. We love you and Emilia so much xo xo

Subject: Sweet Sadie By: Auntie Coleen & Uncle Steven Date: 12/03/2013

Lori and Blair, thank you so much for keeping up with the blog. It makes it so easy to keep up with Sadie's progress. Was looking at the photo page. Sadie has come such a distance from earlier photos. Love the one with Sadie and Emilia in the snow. AND, she went to a movie!! Such an amazing little girl and so fortunate to have two amazing parents.

Hugs to all of you,
Auntie C

Subject: each day a bit better! By: gramma Date: 12/03/2013

You made me cry when I read this blog... but happy tears. She did so well at the movie! What little girl sits and eats her iceberg lettuce as she watches a movie?!! She has adjusted so well eating the food on this diet. I have never seen her have such a good appetite! I am so proud of her! We will do another movie sometime soon, and I am sure she will last longer next time. I can't believe how calm she is, but not in a "drugged" way or a sleepy way. She sat at the table yesterday with her chin in her hand, listening to the conversation as her mom made her meal and we were chatting away. She really is doing well!

Subject: Sweet Sadie By: Aunt Ashley Date: 03/03/2013

So glad that Sadie had a great week! I think about her everyday, every single day. Keep up the positive attitude and hard work through this. Sadie and Em are so lucky to have parents like you and Blair.


Subject: happy to hear By: Aunt Lynn Date: 03/03/2013

So happy to hear that Sadie is doing so great. I will continue to keep an eye out here to follow her progress. Love you all and look forward to seeing you all real soon.

Subject: Small victories By: Michelle Date: 03/03/2013

I'm so happy to hear that things are starting to improve. This one month is a small victory, but it's one worth celebrating. If Sadie is happier, and is showing improvement, even a slight one.....that is reason to all be happy. Congratulations on your first month down, keep fighting the good fight, the battle isn't won over night.

Hugs to you all.....thoughts and prayers with you always.

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