Day One

28/01/2013 13:48

Well Day one has been interesting. Sadie had a few seizures through the night and one early in the morning so the day started with her groogy and tired. The only good thing about this is that she wasn't wanting breakfast so the transition to her first meal at lunch went well. We got checked in and she had blood taken almost immediate. We put cotton in her pull up so that her urine can be checked for her Ketone levels. Her urine will be checked at least twice a day to check Ketone levels. Her fist meal arrives, see pictures, and it was interesting! A small piece of chicken, some apple sauce, some mayo and cream to drink with oil in it with a bit of vanilla! Sadie did pretty well with it, she had another seizure right after eating or else I could have gotten more into her. The trick was mixing the mayo and chicken in with the apple sauce and she was none the wiser. Her food is proportioned right now one to one which means one of fat to one of carb and protein combined, the ratio will go to 3 fat to one carb/protein by Wednesday and further or less depending if she is in Ketosis or not. Blair and I are feeling positive about the process and really are optimisitc on the outcome.  Sadie is doing well, will be glad when this seizure spell is over so we can see how she will truly be eating on the diet. Her receipes will be given to us from the dietitian and we just need to follow them, so no calculations will need to be done on our end which makes it easier.