Day 9

05/02/2013 20:09

The last few days have been fairly good for Sadie. She is really adapting well to the food, and Blair has really been creative with her fruit receipes by mashing it and then adding it to the cream and putting it in the freezer for a few minutes. She has been liking it and we just tell her its yogurt we made her!! Now we are slowly incorporating new receipes and shes a bit more receptive to it now. She has now about 3 core receipes we use for meals and the same right now for snack that we feel comfortable she will eat. The liquids still is a major challenge so we have been keeping the cup upstairs too so if she wakes up in the night we try and get it into her as well. She has been totally fine with her meds and vitamins crushed and put in the cream as well. We check her ketone levels twice a day usually in her pullup in the morning and we put cotton balls in her pullup before nap and check it then. The morning is definately lower levels of Ketones and by the afternoon she is back to max or close to it on the stick. We are still concerned about how tired she is. She has napped 3 hours the last two afternoons. We have a call into her neuro team just to see what their thoughts are on this, because we don't like her like this, she needs to be able to be an active 3 year old and right now she is not. We are blown away by the amount of followers we have on her site and this blog. My mom asked me earlier if I was blogging tonight because she couldn't wait to see it!! We really hope this helps give families a candid look at the diet and what goes into it.