Day 7

03/02/2013 19:00

Well tommorow marks the week that we started this journey and I must say we are settling into this diet quite nicely. Sadie had a good day, and eat all her meals and all her snack. The biggest challenge right now with her is getting the fluids into her. It has been a major challenge. She is allowed water and nestle splash, which we have been giving her. She does like it, but she was never a huge drinker and now that she has to have a certain amount it has been a challenge. She is still full of cold too so I hope that once that goes she may get better with fluids. We have bringing a cup up stairs so if she wakes in the night she can get fluids and she does get a fair amount in that way, but that will still be our challenge. Ketones are still good, they did drop in color a little today, so we will keep a close eye on that. I would say the biggest adjustment to this process was the time factor, the days, and meals have to be majorly planned especially with other little ones in the house. We see improvements with Sadie's balance, but shes been sp tired with her cold, same with the baby so we are hopeful to see even more improvements once the cold passes.  We are going to continue to power on with this, and will go to every other day posts, unless there are some info that would be benefical to those starting this process.