Day 6

02/02/2013 18:55

Well I must say, today was a better day! Sadie did so great with her meals today. We started off a bit slow with breakfast and thought we were in for another challenging day, but at lunch she was interested in eating, actually said some of it was yummy! I think the trick with us was that we stopped trying a new meal every time, and stuck to the eggs receipe we got. This one is good too, because the cream goes into the eggs as well and there wasn't as much to eat in the whipped form. We stuck with some fresh fruit and put the strawberries chopped up into the cream and she liked it. We had eggs twice today, but I think some recognizable food was what helped get more comfortable with it.  Sadie has been really tired, I think getting used to this, and the seizures and adavan took a toll on her, but she seems to be sleeping more sound when she is sleeping, I think the last time she slept like that was when she was a baby! It has been challenging trying to organize ourselves, just because right now we are back to feeding Sadie and for the time being will continue this to ensure her Ketones stay strong and she is getting all her meals into her. The one good routine is Sadie's feeding schedule which has to be what it is, so we can plan naps, and baby feedings around it. One thing we have noticed is that this time around after her seizures her balance has been good. She has been very tired, but not as wobbly, and was able to walk on her own pretty much as soon as she got home from the IWK, so not sure if this is from the diet, but we shall see. We are going to get our meals planned out for her for the week tommorow, to make it easier. I must say, Sadie's strength has always amazed me, and today I am one proud Moma!