Day 3

30/01/2013 16:29

Sadie had a pretty good day, she is doing pretty good with the meals, she hasn't finished a meal yet, but has been eating all the fatty type foods we need her to in order to get her Ketones higher. We checked her levels this afternoon and they are almost to the highest level on the marker, see picture. I can't believe how quick that happened. We had some training today, as well and it is going to be a lot to manage, but think very doable.Everything, from shampoo, to soap, tooth paste to cold medications, anything touching her skin has to be accounted for. She is in pretty good spirits and her seizure activity as slowed down, but too soon to tell what that is from, as she had the adavan yesterday too. It is a long process, but interesting to see how food can inpact your body. We started Sadie on Nestle Splash as this is a drink approved, and she likes it, this will be our alternative to juice for her, water with some flavor and no carbs in it. The meals look very small, but for Sadie almost a good thing, as she is not the greatest eater to begin with. Power through to Ketosis!!