day 11

07/02/2013 22:02

The last few days have been ok. Sadie is a trooper and is really doing very well eating.  We are really adapting to making her meals and her Ketones are doing well, lower still in the am and higher through the day. The tough part now is getting her to adjust...She has been really tired and its really tough to see for sure. Neuro and her dietition are on it now, because this is not how we want her and not a win how she is now. She napped for an hour today and then was so tired before supper she crashed hard for another hour on the couch. It is really tough to see her like this, but we have to keep the faith, that the pros will work out the best solution. They are going to look at her meds, her ketone levels to see what we do. This is the number one side effect to this diet, so it could improve too and we are only a week today since we have been home.  Tommorow we check her weight home and that will also be reported back to her dietition to see if her calorie intake has to be higher, lower or stay where she is. We must power through and enjoy the small moments with her until she gets stong, we know she will get there.