Update almost three weeks in!

17/02/2013 08:13

Well its been almost a week since an entry, but wanted to wait till we had a good update. So this week started a bit brutal. Sadie was still so tired, having 3 hour naps, not really wanting to get up at all. This was so frustrating, and honestly we were not even thinking at the begining the diet could even do this, or was it? We went in this week for blood work and they checked for a lot of different things, but mainly to see if her valproic acid level, (her med) was too high. The problem is that the tiredness could have come from a few different things, the diet, a slight increase to her meds, or the cold, that cold we can't get rid of!! Now we had to do process of elimination to see what it could be coming from. Her blood work all came back good, med level a bit low, and the diet related checks they would check in her blood were good, but it did show a bit of bacterial infection, could be the cold. So we did start a med drop this week, one med we were starting a decrease on to see if that would help at all, that was in the plan all along, since it didn't really have great results with control prior to starting the diet.  I don't think the ideal plan would be to drop the meds this soon, but its also important to get Sadie out of this state too. So as the week as progressed, her cold has been better, we have had a few good days with the med decrease and honestly she is starting to come around a bit! Her eyes don't look as tired, she gave me attitude going to bed last night, which I loved since she wasn't so tired she would crash reading stories. So we are pleased, but also a bit apprehensive... we are going on week three and honestly as far as seizures go we don't know what to expect. Whatever happens we will deal with it, but its so nice to have our girl back, laughing, playing, and being 3!