Our sweet Sadie's great week

10/03/2013 20:47

Well we continue on a great path with Sadie.  Her clarity is outstanding, I honestly don't remember the last time I saw her like this. She continues to enjoy the diet, we have really gotten pretty good managing it. Sadie's freebee snack is iceburg lettuce, she's allowed 40g a day, and she loves it! what child would sit at the table and gobble plain iceburg?! My mom and I and Ardy are going to try and take Sadie to her first movie tommorow! We are going to take her snack and iceburg and see how it goes! Now the new challenge is really incorporating the diet into our life, as far as taking her places and adapting to her keto snack and meals on the run. Sadie's school took some pics of her at school,  I attached in the album, my mom said it best, she said she just looks like a little girl with her teacher...to us that is the best gift we could have ever asked for.  The next few weeks we shall see what happens seizure wise, but we will stay positive and enjoy every clear moment with our little hero!!