Just over three weeks!

21/02/2013 19:21

Well I think the cold finally broke!! My Nana said it best when she saw Sadie on our Sunday visit, that Sadie has the sparkle back in her eyes! Her energy levels are much improved, and she is doing so good on the diet. She is back to feeding herself most of the meal, except the cream which we have been feeding to her just because it has her meds in it. In another month or so she could probably do on her own. We are really nervous right now, just for the not knowing and knowing this is around the time we would see seizures. Neuro called today to check in and reminded me that even if she does, it usually takes 3 full months for a true picture, but I know deep down we will be disappointed, but it is what it is. The flavorings for the cream have been great, and Sadie has been eating fresh fruit with her meals and snacks. We go next week for our month check in and blood work. We meet with Neuro and her dietatian. Her weight has gone up about 2 pounds since starting, and we see a little belly, but she needed to have some more weight on her she looked so frail.  So we shall see what the next week or two bring...fingers crossed!!