I know way to long!!

03/04/2013 20:55

Ok I know its been awhile for a blog update but here I am! Well the last month has been good. Sadie is the clearest I have seen her in so long. Honestly think the clearest I have seen her in almost two years. I never realized how funny she was! She is so alert, and her speech is better, she is trying more, but something we will continue to work with speech therapy on. She is so much more steady on her feet and can actually get through her preschool morning without being so tired she can't stand up. She continues to amaze me with her strength and determination.  I feel a little bitter sweet about things though, because Sadie did have a spell this past Easter weekend, as we head to the three month window. I guess I felt that this diet would stop the seizures, but in my gut I knew it wasn't a cure. The spells are improved, and Sadie is coming, out of them quicker but they are still there and this is our reality. The other night I felt so frustrated with all of this, and constantly am looking for a reason why, and why her? I know I will never get this answer, but I know that Blair and I will do anything for her and her sister. This is our thing, and we will continue to make life for Sadie as normal as we can.  My Dad comes home next week and I am so excited for him to see Sadie, she asks for him constantly and I can't wait for him to see how clear and improved she is. I have learned two important things during all of this, make the most of the good days, and our family is our most important thing in the world.