Continuing on!

21/03/2013 20:51

Well we have had a good few weeks. We had a spell last weekend with seizures. She started on Thursday and had them Thursday and Friday. Her ketones were lower then normal so once they started the amount of seizures didn't really surprise us. We met with Neuro today and we are going to try and incorporate a night snack to see if we can keep her levels more consistent, as her ketones are high in the afternoon and lower in the am, we will see how that goes. Sadie continues to improve on her clarity and focus. We have be trying to introduce some new words and she has been doing great.  Today we did an interview with CTV Blair and I and the girls, to talk about our experence and shed some light on Epilepsy! We were so excited, we all were purple andd the girls were great. The piece will be aired on March 26th...Purple Day! for all our followers please don't forget to wear Purple proudly on the 26th of March in Support of all the familes out there living with Epilepsy. We are so proud of Sadie, she continues to do well on the diet, we are so pleased!