A great week!

02/03/2013 19:30

Well what can I say, Sadie Rhyno is my hero! Sadie has had a great week, her brightness, clarity, and alertness is so much improved, Blair and I are honestly blown away by the change in her. We went for our one month follow up and even after having seizures on Sunday her appointment was Tuesday and they said its the best they have seen her in a year! She was still a bit tired, but talking more, more energy and smiling and laughing. We really hoped that this area would improve with the seizures because for so long it has been like Sadie has been in a fog with meds. She has been so dizzy, shaky, tired and just can't focus on anything, no wonder the poor thing coudn't get her words out. We don't know what the future holds for her and her seizures but its certainly easier to deal with knowing her mental clarity is better. We still have our 3 month window, so with two still to go, that will be the true test to whether the seizures are going to stop or improve.  I will continue to blog as we get updates to share.